Orion Markup
Orion Markup makes it easy to add notes, outlines boxes, zoom-in bubbles, lines and arrows to images and screenshots.

Feature Overview
Photo magnification bubbles
Creates magnified versions of selected image areas (fully resizable, in both circular and rectangular shapes)
Outlines and colors
Multiple sized outline boxes and text labels. All outlines and labels supports formatting options with hundreds of fonts and colors
Complete suite of annotation objects
Dozens of annotation objects including hundreds of fonts and colors, shapes, lines and arrows.
Images and PDF
- add notes and outlines to image files and PDF documents
- multiple page PDF documents are added as separate images
- resize image and PDF page image within the app
- support for freeform layout and multiple-layers
Lines and arrows
Lines and arrows of various patterns and thickness (solid, dashed, dotted). All lines support optional starting and ending arrows
Beautiful fonts
Hundreds of font styles, your text annotations and comments will never be boring again.
Easy plug n' chug badges
- Predefined number tags (perfect for documenting instructions and steps in manuals)
- Time stamps and date stamps automatically displays current system time
- Button badges with commonly accepted visual colors representing approved, success, warning, error and information.
Image masks
Transforms photos and icons into stars, circles and various octagon shapes
Export and share
- exports and saves to PDF document format
- exports and saves to JPEG and PNG image formats
- share instantly through Messages, Email and Clipboard
- share between devices through Air Drop
- share through direct integration with Twitter and Facebook
Orion Markup adds notes, outlines and markups to image files and PDF documents. Supported file formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF.
Magnification bubbles creates zoomed-in versions of selected image areas, the bubbles are fully resizable and are available in circular, rectangular and various polygon shapes. Magnify areas to bring attention to focus zones and detailed regions.
Orion Markup supports multiple sized outline boxes and text labels. All outlines and labels supports formatting options with hundreds of fonts and colors.
Supporting a complete suite of annotation objects, this app helps you create review notes, draft edits, image and PDF markups. The Aidaluu development team uses this app for markup editing in our review sessions and to create our marketing graphics! :)
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