Orion Markup 2
Image annotation software for Mac

As featured on MacWorld's This Week In Mac Apps:
"The app lets you open an image (including, of course, screenshots taken from your own Mac), and add all sorts of annotations in the form of text, graphical elements, highlights, callouts, and more. And, when you're ready, Orion Markup's powerful sharing features mean that sending your work to friends and colleagues is just a click (or two) away."

Feature Overview

Photo magnification bubbles

Creates magnified versions of selected image areas (fully resizable, in both circular and rectangular shapes)

Outlines and colors

Multiple sized outline boxes and text labels. All outlines and labels supports formatting options with hundreds of fonts and colors

Complete suite of annotation objects

Dozens of annotation objects including outlines, notes, image zoom bubbles, lines and arrows.

Images and PDF

  • Add notes and outlines to image files and PDF documents
  • Multiple page PDF documents are added as separate images
  • Resize image and PDF page image within the app
  • Support for freeform layout and multiple-layers

Lines and arrows

Lines and arrows of various patterns and thickness (solid, dashed, dotted). All lines support optional starting and ending arrows

Beautiful fonts

Hundreds of font styles, your text annotations and comments will never be boring again.

Multi-layers with grouping
  • Support for multiple layers with free form arrangement
  • Layer inspector panel
  • Alignment tools for automatically aligning multiple objects by size, position and spacing

Export and share

  • Exports and saves to PDF document format
  • Exports and saves to image format
  • Share instantly through Email and Clipboard

Easy plug n' chug badges

  • Predefined number tags (perfect for documenting instructions and steps in manuals)
  • Time stamps and date stamps automatically displays current system time

Ready for dark mode UI

  • Beautifully designed interface with full support for Mojave dark mode

Frequently Asked Questions

What are supported file types?
Orion Markup adds notes, outlines and markups to image files and PDF documents. Supported file formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PDF documents.

What are photo magnification bubbles? How do I make it useful for me?
Magnification bubbles creates zoomed-in versions of selected image areas. Magnify areas to bring attention to focus zones and detailed regions.

What are supported annotation outline types?
Orion Markup supports multiple sized outline boxes and text labels. All outlines and labels supports customizable fonts and colors.

How to add a text box?
Please drag and drop one of the "Text box" objects from the Inspector Panel to the canvas, then "double click" inside the text box to add and edit text. If you need to change the font style, color and font size, please select the text box, click on the Inspector Panel > Format Tab.

How to add a photo?
Please drag and drop the "Photo" object to the canvas. You may add multiple photos and PDF files to be annotated on the same canvas.

Please note Orion Markup does not open the image file directly (your original image remains unchanged). Here is why we designed it this way:
When editing the image directly, all your changes are static one time changes, this means you will not be able to reopen the annotations and edit changes. Orion Markup saves the file in its own "editable" format, this allows you to reopen the annotated file at any time, make changes and export the newly updated version.

How do I copy photos directly from a web page?
To add a photo directly from a web page into Orion Markup, please see the following steps:
1. In the web browser, please right click (or control-click) on a web page image, choose “Copy Image”
2. In Orion Markup, create a new project or reopen a saved project, go to the Edit Menu > Paste, this will copy and paste the image directly from the web to the Orion Markup canvas

Alternatively, you can also:
1. Save image to your computer
2. Drag and drop any saved image directly to the Orion Markup canvas

What can I create with Orion Markup?
Supporting a complete suite of annotation objects, this app helps you create review notes, draft edits, image and PDF markups.
We use this app for markup editing in our review sessions and for creating our marketing graphics :)